Emulate Autumn With Fall Weddings

While most couples prefer to tie the knot in the spring

While most couples prefer to tie the knot in the spring, when the air is crisp and full of the scent of a new beginning, others take advantage of the dramatic burst of color and mood of the fall to emulate their deep love for each other, by having a fall wedding. Autumn weddings are best held outdoors, amidst the rich gilded browns and yellows of the season. But you’ll need a lot of planning to pull it all together, especially for an event as special and personal as this one.Emulate Autumn With Fall Weddings

Fall weddings revolve around the beauty of the season

Fall weddings revolve around the beauty of the season, so the first thing to consider is the setting. Fortunately, you’ll have fewer troubles in looking for a great venue in the autumn than on any other season, as the trees literally burst into rich earthy colors, and in different hues too. Practically every place which has a grove of oaks, birches, elms, or maples are suitable venues for the ceremony. Vineyards, forest clearings, public parks, and orchards are particular picks. You’ll have to consider the weather though. Autumn temperatures can fall to very cold temperatures, especially early on in the day and late in the afternoon. Make sure you have this dilemma covered by providing heating equipment installed on the wedding and reception venues.

Choose a theme which reflects the season

Choose a theme which reflects the season. Harvest colors such as sage, yellow, shades of red, gold, or cinnamon would be the ideal color motifs, since they allude to the color of autumn, and will blend in perfectly with the surrounding foliage. Make sure you incorporate the elements of fall with the decoration. Use flowers of the season like heathers or dahlias, or roses in hues of red or orange; you can also try using autumn plants instead of flowers for decoration, such as ferns or grapevine. If the ceremony is intended to be held in the evening, having the venue illuminated by candlelight adds a lot of ambiance to an already dramatic occasion. The light will play off on the surrounding colors, giving the illusion that the venue is encapsulated on a deep-hued bubble of its own. The bridal gown should also effuse the warmth of autumn, whether it is a classic white gown, or one in a subtle shade of earthy colors, as long as it complements well with the surroundings, while at the same time standing up on its own as the focal point of the event.

The subtle, almost sublime feel of autumn….

The subtle, almost sublime feel of autumn should also be reflected on the reception meal. The courses should have a special warmth in them, veering from the crisp contrasts of the summer or spring. You can try having soup for the first course, or a salad with a rich look and a hearty element, such as a tossed combination of aged cheddar, grapes, walnuts, and figs to go along with the greens. For the main course, classic meat entrees would be perfect, like chicken or salmon, veal or lamb. For the dessert, make the dessert table homey by filling it with tarts, pies, and brownies with heaped mocha ice cream. The centerpiece that is the wedding cake is popularly preferred to be in dark chocolate, although you can use this item as an accent and totally veer away from the norm by going for carrot or cheesecake.