your own wedding

When you are planning, and paying for, your own wedding

When you are planning, and paying for, your own wedding, your budget is sometimes a constraint on what you can do. There is your gown, your groom’s tux, the groomsmen’s tuxes, and of course, the bridesmaid dresses. And, while there are some things that you shouldn’t scrimp on when it comes to your wedding day, bridesmaid dresses can be one of them. But how do I do that? You ask. Here are some tips to help you find those beautiful bridesmaid dresses that you dream of without spending thousands of dollars on them.

Ask your bridesmaids for help

Ask your bridesmaids for help. Talk to them about sharing the expenses of the dresses if you allow them to help pick out the dresses. This way, you won’t be out all the money for the dresses yourself and you can allow your friends to pick out something that they will be able to wear again if they want to. It also allows you to have other ideas and input on your bridesmaid dresses that you might not have thought of.

Check out the consignment shops in your area

Check out the consignment shops in your area. Ok, this doesn’t seem like something you want to do for your wedding, but give it a shot. There are always upscale, wedding consignment shops that you can find gorgeous dresses at for half the price of buying them new. This is also a fun outing for you and your bridesmaids as you can try on the nice, and the goofy, dresses that you find to see if they fit.

Hit the clearance racks

Hit the clearance racks. If you know that you’ll have plenty of time to find your bridesmaid dresses, you can start shopping early. This gives you time to find bridesmaid dresses on clearance at some of the larger department stores. A great time to find discounted formal wear is right after the prom season is over and stores are trying to get rid of the formals that they can’t sell throughout the year.

Don’t just shop bridal stores

Don’t just shop bridal stores! Some of the major department stores carry great formal dresses that you will like just as much, if not more, than the bridal shops, and they will be much cheaper! You can also call around to these department stores to find out when they place their formal wear on clearance so you will have an idea of when you need to hit the stores to get the best deals. This is also a great outing for you and your bridesmaids to have a little fun while shopping together.

Talk to married friends

Talk to married friends. If you have friends who have recently gotten married, you can check with them to see if they still have, or their bridesmaids still have, their dresses. Sometimes you can borrow them and you aren’t out any money at all!

Just remember that there are many options open when it comes to bridesmaid dresses that you can check into, and that you aren’t just stuck with purchasing new bridesmaid dresses when you get married. No matter what your wedding theme or style, you can always find discount bridesmaid dresses that you, and your bridesmaids, will love!