Get The Guests Involved

Photos of your wedding day are some of the best reminders of your big day

Photos of your wedding day are some of the best reminders of your big day long after the memories fade. When you are planning your wedding, you have probably already thought about a photographer and a couple of family members to take back-up photos. But, have you thought about getting the guests involved with your photos? Getting your guests involved with taking photos of your wedding is not only a way to gain some of the best pictures that day, but it’s also a way for the guests to jump in and feel like they are helping make your day that much more special. So, to accomplish this, here is what you need to do:

1. Make sure that you get RSVP’s back from those who are planning to attend your wedding and reception. This way, you will have an accurate count of how many cameras you will need.

2. Once you have your RSVP’s together, plan your seating arrangements for the reception. Decide how many people you will have at each table and make sure that you place a responsible adult at each table to be in charge of the camera.

3. Purchase a camera for each table at the reception. While this might sound like it will cost a fortune, you can narrow it down to as little or up it to as many as you would like. Usually, you can find great deals on disposable cameras at large, bulk purchase stores in your area. Call around and see who has the best deal on these cameras before you head down to the store.

4. Before the wedding, set a camera on each table at the reception area.

5. Set up a bin or basket at the door for your guests to place their cameras when they are finished with the pictures.

6. When guests file into the reception area to find their seats, make sure that they know there are cameras on the tables for them to take pictures of the wedding reception. Let them know that these are for your album and that you want to make sure your guests are involved in your wedding day too. Let them know where the bin or basket is at the door to place their camera in when they are finished taking the pictures.

7. Sit back and enjoy your reception.

After the day is over, take the cameras to your local store to have them developed

After the day is over, take the cameras to your local store to have them developed. You can do this all at once, or you can do it a little at a time and savor the moments that you see on film. When you get your photos back, you will be surprised at the funny, happy, serious, goofy, and even sad moments that you get on film that you would have never caught by yourself or from your photographer who was focused on you and only you.

These pictures can sometimes make your wedding day that much more special by knowing that your guests took their time to take pictures of everything from you to your great-aunt Gertrude sticking out her tongue! Enjoy!