Helping Relatives Get To The Wedding

When you get married you want to have all of your loved ones there to take part in your special day

Sometimes it is difficult getting all of your relatives to the wedding, since many times relatives are older and need more assistance in getting to the wedding. But, there are some ways that can make it easier to get your family and friends to the wedding so they can be a part of your special day.

Transportation reservations

Transportation reservations – Many times your relatives do not live close to you. To make it easier for them to get to the wedding you can take care of their transportation reservations. If they are traveling to the wedding by train or by plane you can contact travel agents and have them take care of all the transportation reservations for you. If you do not want to go through a travel agent you can also take care of the reservations yourself. Either way it can be a great help to your relatives if they do not have to worry about making travel arrangements to your wedding.

Pick up and drop off

Pick up and drop off – Once your relatives land or arrive by train they will need to get to where the wedding will be. You can make this easier by doing a couple of things. You can make sure that they are met at the airport or train station and then you can take them to where the wedding will be held. You can also arrange for transportation for them in the form of a shuttle to a hotel or car service that will take them to the wedding venue. If the relatives are older it may be better to pick them up in person and meet them wherever they are coming from. By meeting them yourself you can also assist them in anything they need such as carrying the luggage. By personally meeting your relatives where they arrive from you can ensure that they will be at the wedding. If it is not feasible for you to do it personally it may be better for a friend or relative to meet them upon arrival.

Rental vehicles

Rental vehicles – If your relatives do not need much assistance you can still help them get to the wedding by making sure that there are rental vehicles available for them. You can reserve a rental car at the airport or near the train station to make sure they will have a car to get the wedding. If they are not familiar with the area where the wedding is you should print out a detailed description of how to get there and make sure your relatives have a copy when they arrive. If you are also making the travel reservations you should also give your relatives some extra time if they are not familiar with the area. By giving them extra time you can ensure that the worst thing that can happen is that they arrive early. Arriving early is much better than arriving late, especially at a wedding.

There are many other ways that you can help provide transportation for your friends and family who cannot drive, so ask other family members if you cannot find a good solution to help get them there yourself. Sometimes other members of the family will have a great idea that you didn’t think of.