The perfect dress for less

Like those designer dresses you see in the catalogs

Like those designer dresses you see in the catalogs, but just can’t part with that much money?  Well, according to Forbes, there is a way you can get the dress of your dreams, and still not break the bank doing it!  With the average bride spending over a thousand dollars for their dress, imagine getting a Vera Wang for $500.  Follow these simple ideas to make the big day a great success!


According to Woman’sDay, there are some things that brides-to-be can do that will make their wedding less stressful- not only for themselves, but their bridesmaids as well.  Some of their tips include to keep the bridesmaids circumstances in mind, especially in this economy.  Another tip includes reminding brides that the stress of the “big day” also affects their bridesmaids.  Also, brides should try and remember that because cost is an issue doing things that will keep costs to a minimum-such as ordering dresses that can be used again (or just giving them a color and letting them pick out a dress on their own), or not requiring bridesmaids to look exactly alike may help reduce their cost and stress level.

bride by the name of Dominique Buttitta is planning

According to ABC News, an Illinios bride by the name of Dominique Buttitta is planning on sueing her would-be husband for nearly $100,000. Her fiance dumped her just four days before the wedding day and she was left with the wedding bill. The total amount includes bills from the banquet hall, flowers, orchestra, and much more.

paperless wedding invitations

Hey couples! How does paperless wedding invitations sound? Not very traditional, but what is these days? Weddings are becoming less and less traditional, and with the option to email your guests wedding invitations, you can hop into the 21st century as well as save money and go green all at once. Visit Greenvelope and browse the beautiful paperless wedding invitations that Sam has to offer!

Best Wedding Destinations

So many places to choose from to have your wedding. The world is a large place. The one thing people keep in mind is how the guest will get there if it is far away, but if you did not have to worry about that which place would you choose?

The beach – a wonderful place to take your vows and your worries away. Something about the ocean makes you feel intoxicated with happiness. Imagine, standing in the shade with a view over looking the ocean, the preacher begins to talk and you can hear the light crashing of the waves in the background. You see your beautiful bride standing in front of you glowing like the sun over the ocean. Ah yes it is very magical place to say I do.

The mountains- are a very beautiful place. High up from the worries of the world, a hidden retreat, a perfect place to tie the knot. You could be married in the forest, or by a mountain lake retreat, or a cliff over looking the rest of the mountanous landscape. No matter which place you promise forever the mountains are sure to make you feel comfortable and really be in touch with yourself.

A castle in a foreign country –  now this one I like. A grand and enchanting castle inside and out, holds so much history. To think of the king and queens who were married there, the wars fought, and heroes born. That would be a place to get married. I also feel that the bride would truly feel like a princess that she always dreamt of being. How could you go wrong? Prince Charming and Princess Pretty married in a 500 year old castle is a story to tell the kids.

Rose Garden- yes, the essence of beauty. A rose garden is a wonderful place that really sets the romantic mood of the wedding. If you are going for the pure, romantic mood then this is the place to go. You could also find a rose garden beach side and really double the points.

Really the place is up to you and your love. Everyone has different tastes and they like different things. These are just a few beautiful pictures of great places to be married. You decide in the end. Let us know what your wedding destination was or is going to be. Send us pictures if you loved the place and it was exotic we will be happy to feature them on the site.