Using Family To Video Your Wedding

When it comes time to head down the asile and then to the reception….

When it comes time to head down the asile and then to the reception, you want to capture everything possible on film and tape. So, you have hired a great photographer, and you thought about a videographer, but they are just too expensive. Now what? You know that Uncle Bob and Cousin Louie will be video taping, but they sometimes get sidetracked. How do you get great video footage of your ceremony and your reception without hiring a professional? You get other family members to help you!

To video tape your ceremony…..

To video tape your ceremony, you really only need one reliable family member or friend to do it for you. Talk to several of your closest family members or friends who aren’t already in the wedding and ask them if they would be willing to video your wedding for you. More than likely, they will all say yes. So, if you would like to only choose one, do so. If they have video equpiment, offer to purchase the tapes or other recording items for them and discuss with them what all you would like to have video taped at the ceremony, such as before the ceremony begins in the bride’s dressing room or the groom’s dressing room, and during the reception, such as the couple’s first dance or the father-daughter dance. If they know in advance what you would really like to have taped, chances are that you will get it.

If you want more than that taped, have several family members tape your wedding and reception…

If you want more than that taped, have several family members tape your wedding and reception for you. With more than one family member taping the whole wedding and reception afterwards, you will not only get more tape, but you will also get some other points of view and find great new pictures that you didn’t even know you could get. Some people are more creative than others when it comes to videotaping, so you are sure to get some great classical pictures and some really funny ones that were caught by chance.

No matter who you choose to tape your wedding….

No matter who you choose to tape your wedding, make sure that they have the right equipment and that they have everything they need to tape the entire ceremony and reception. Offer to purchase or help out with any of the equipment that they don’t have, and make sure that you have a game plan put together for collecting the tapes after the wedding. If you end up with several tapes, you then have the option of taking them to have them edited together into one great wedding tape, or keeping them all seperate. There are many different photo and video stores that offer editing services for a low fee and can take all your tapes and clean them up to where there is no blank spots, no floor shots, and nothing else that you don’t want in your wedding videos. Or, you can always choose to edit them yourself if you have the equipment at home.

No matter who or how you have your wedding and ceremony video taped, you will find that the more eyes you have out there, the better off your wedding videos will be.