Warm Winter Weddings With Fresh, In-Season Blooms

Planning for a wedding is indeed a challenging task

Planning for a wedding is indeed a challenging task, especially if it is scheduled for winter, where days are short and cozy, and the flower varieties are not that much plentiful. The color themes for winter are also darker-hued; deep reds and purples are a persistent favorite among winter brides. You need not worry though, as you can make up for the fewer flower options with a wide variety of foliage and berry accents. If you want to lend some sunshine to your winter wedding, white is the next best alternative to a winter wedding, with white flowers sprawled all over the venue, and exquisitely simple potted hyacinths for table centerpieces.


Lisianthus may come in single or double forms; the former may look like tulips or poppies at the outset, while the latter gives a semblance of roses or peonies. The blooms of this flower look great in a bouquet or in table arrangements, particularly if the double white lisianthus variety is used.

The camellia

The camellia, with its glossy, deep-hued green leaves makes it a great accent for buttonholes or reception table arrangements. This lovely open-faced bloom ranges in variety, from single-rowed petals, to multiple overlapping rows.

The dainty

The dainty, pure white blooms of the bell-like snowdrop flower make it one of the more classic wedding flowers. It complements well with white flowers of other varieties, and would be perfect for small table arrangements, as well as simple hand-tied posies. However, the blooms are relatively so small, that in order to give out the intended impact, you’ll have to use it unsparingly.


Hyacinths come in several varieties, and in subtle, almost pastel colors like pure white, hues of baby pinks and blues. Because of their captivating fragrance, hyacinths would be ideal as table centerpieces.

For colorful table arrangements, lilacs are a great addition to any centerpiece. These tiny, star-shaped blooms grow in an intricate pear-shaped cluster, running along a branch, and are available in white, lush pink and mauve. The purple varieties have the most potent fragrance.


Euphorbia lends any type of arrangement with a contemporary vibe. This evergreen shrub with blooms of yellowish-green is a perfect addition to any wedding the whole year round, as an accent to venue arrangements or intricate bouquets.


Nerine is unconventional and exotic in appeal, and would be perfect for centerpieces and bouquets which veer away from traditional arrangements. The splashes of pale or intense pink in this trumpet-shaped flower make it an excellent choice for destination weddings, or those with a tropical theme.

For table decorations, the unusually shaped fan-like blooms of the iris flower can stand on its own, or it can enhance the look of an arrangement of a variety of flowers, lending it a country-inspired appeal. The iris’ large petals come in many colors, including white, brown, delicate lilac, blue, and yellow.

Cymbidium orchids

Cymbidium orchids are also a great addition to the bridal bouquet, and there is a surprisingly wide selection available for the winter. The colors of this stunning flower may include yellow, delicate white, or pale green.