Alternative Ideas For Your Bachelorette Party

More often today, brides are getting bachelorette parties

More often today, brides are getting bachelorette parties that go from simple and quiet to loud and elaborate. But, what do you do when you just don’t want to go out on the town and get completely drunk with the girls the night before your wedding? You ask them to plan an alternative bachelorette party for you and we have some ideas to help!

Alternative Idea #1: Have a movie night. Have all the girls over to your home (or one of theirs) and veg out all night watching movies, snacking, and gossiping about the wedding plans. Make sure that you only rent wedding themed movies, and have the best, sweetest, gooiest snacks that you can find!

Alternative Idea #2: Have a beauty party. Consider this the “slumber party” of your adult years! Have the girls over and spend the night doing each other’s hair, trying new makeup for the big day, painting nails, and, of course, talking all about the wedding and honeymoon.

Alternative Idea #3: Have a lingerie party. Invite the girls over and spend the evening drinking, snacking, and gossiping, while your friends bring the newest, sexiest, laciest lingerie for the honeymoon.

Alternative Idea #4: Transform your bachelorette party into your bridal shower. Instead of the games and drinking that are normally done at a bachelorette party, have the girls throw your bridal shower instead. You can still drink, eat, and be merry, while talking all about the wedding and the honeymoon!

Alternative Idea #5: Go bowling, golfing, or another “macho” sport. Doing something fun with the girls that you normally wouldn’t go and do is a great way to spend the night before your wedding with your friends. Who knows, you might start a tradition!

Alternative Idea #6: Have a bachelorette dinner instead. Have the girls make reservations for all of you at your favorite restaurant in town and spend the evening dining and gossiping about the big day, your new life, and, of course, the honeymoon!

Alternative Idea #7: Hold a formal pre-wedding dinner. This is something that can be done for both the bride and groom together. Invite all the family and friends that are on the guest list and enjoy an evening of dining, drinking, dancing, and fun with the family and your friends before the wedding.

Alternative Idea #8: Hold a baking party. If you are an avid cook, or one of your friends are, you can hold a baking party, where you all gather at one person’s home and bake cookies, cakes, pies, or whatever else suits your fancy while you enjoy each other’s company, gossip, drink, and snack on your creations.

Alternative Idea #9: Go to the amusement park. While this sounds more like a child’s party, you will find that you and your friends will have a great time riding rides, eating great food, and enjoying each other’s company like you did when you were kids.

Alternative Idea #10: Choose your own party! Take the time to sit down with the girls and discuss what you would like to do. If you don’t feel like hitting the clubs and strippers, don’t do it. Remember that this is your party and your night.

There are so many different things and ideas that you can try instead of the traditional club hopping bachelorette party that most people plan. So, help to plan yours and do what you want to do. And remember to have a great time!

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