Traditional Men`s Formal Wedding Styles

When you think of men’s formal wear for weddings…

When you think of men’s formal wear for weddings, the tuxedo is the first thing that comes to mind for almost everyone. No matter who you are, you have probably been to a wedding with several tuxedoed men in the bridal party. But, when you are planning your wedding, how do you know what traditional men’s formal wedding style to go with? Well, for traditional men’s formal wedding styles there is generally two styles that are used, tuxedos and suits. Both are considered formal but the tuxedo style is more formal than a traditional suit style in men’s wedding attire.

Tuxedo style

Tuxedo style – Probably the most traditional, as well as classy, style in men’s formal wedding style is wearing tuxedos. Tuxedos look great on men no matter what size they are. One nice thing about tuxedos is they can be rented so they can size you up when going to get fitted for a tux. This way you can be sure that the tux will fit. A tuxedo style is great as well because many times you can have the cumber buns and bow ties match the color of the dresses of the bridesmaids. This can give an added sense of style to the wedding. There are many different colors of tuxedos besides black and can still be formal and very classy such as grey, dark grey, and white. Even though there are many formal colors to choose a nothing can beat a black tuxedo in terms of style. You can make it easy on the men involved in the wedding and everyone can go get fitted at the same time. This way you can be sure that everyone will have their tuxedo for the big day. By wearing tuxedos they may cost a bit more as they are generally rented for the day but you can be sure that the wedding will be a stylish, classy, and very formal one.

Suit style

Suit style – Another way to have a very formal wedding is have all the mean wear nice suits. Matching suits are even better as it will make everyone involved in the wedding look great. If it is a formal wedding and you decide to go formal dark suits should be used whether they be black, dark blue, or dark grey. One nice thing you can do is purchase a set of ties that have the color that the bridesmaids will be using. This gives an added sense of style to the wedding as well. If it is a very formal wedding and you are not going he tuxedo route it may be a good option to have the men wear vests as well. A suit with a matching vest looks very nice and is more formal that not wearing a vest. The wedding will also be more formal if all the men involved have the same suit. You can go out and get fitted for the suit with all the men involved. This will ensure that everyone looks great and will be matching. Even if everyone does not get fitted for the same suit it can be a good option to have everyone involved wearing the same coat. This will cut down on costs and still make it so everyone matches, for the most part, and looks nice.

Whether you decide to have the men wear tuxedos or suits at the wedding, the look will stay pretty much the same. Either provides a great formal look and can be as expensive or economical as you’d like.