The flowers that you choose for your wedding

The flowers that you choose for your wedding can be a large part of your wedding budget

The flowers that you choose for your wedding can be a large part of your wedding budget. There are many couples getting married that do not take into account how much flowers can cost for a wedding. With all the other costs that are associated with a wedding, you should try to save money wherever you can as wedding expenses can get out of hand if not kept in check. You have to ask yourself how much you want to spend on flowers. It is true they will only last the day, but it is your special day so you should feel that you have ordered the flowers that will make your wedding as perfect as possible. To help in the budgeting of your wedding and help you gain the “flower power” that you crave, we have some helpful hints and tips to save money on your wedding flowers:

1. You can always check if there will be more than one wedding at the place where you will be getting married, since many times there are several weddings in one day. If this is the case you can contact those people and see if they would like to share the costs of using the flowers. By splitting the costs you can save a lot of money and get a better selection of flowers for your wedding.

2. When the ceremony is over, you can have designated people take some of the flower arrangements over to where the reception will be. There is no need to pay for two sets of arrangements since the flowers will hold up through both events. You can ask friends or relatives to help you with this or your florist might offer the service themselves.

3. Choose a couple of larger, more vibrant flowers instead of a whole bouquet for all the bridesmaids. Just a few nicely colored flowers can still look great, and you do not have to pay the full cost of a bouquet, which can add up pretty fast.

4. Check to see which flowers are in and out of season. If the flowers are out of season they will always cost more. There will be flowers in season that will be more abundant and therefore cost less, so you can save a lot of money by just choosing flowers that are already in season.

5. You can always create your own arrangements if you have a nice garden or are an avid flower grower. You can even plan ahead and plant some flowers that can be used for the wedding. This will definitely save you money, as you will not be paying to purchase the flowers or have someone arrange them for you.

6. Use different things for decorations of the wedding, such as ivy and evergreen. These still look great as decoration and do not cost nearly as much as flowers do. You can decorate different things such as doorways and tables with ivy and evergreen and these plants will usually make great houseplants after the wedding too.

7. When decorating the alter with flowers, you should know that they will only be seen from afar. You can use flowers that will be less expensive for the alter arrangement, such as carnations, and filling flowers, such as snowball mums. These flowers will save you money while still looking just as beautiful as other types of flowers will.

8. Look into the possibility of ordering flowers from an online wholesaler. You can get much better prices than from a florist. Of course, if you choose this route, you will be responsible for making the arrangements as well as cleaning them up after the ceremony or reception.

There are so many different ways that you can save money on the flower arrangements for your wedding. All you need to do is to sit down and decide the type of flowers, colors, and what your budget is. From there, the possibilities are endless to what you can do.

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