Beautifully Written Words: Calligraphy for Your Wedding

Beautifully addressed wedding invitations

Beautifully addressed wedding invitations give the right first impression to your guests. However, if you do the writing yourself you would lose a lot of time and you may very well waste a lot of invitations, too. If you use a laser printer, your wedding invitations may not have the warmth and personality that handwritten envelopes convey.An alternative lies in hiring a calligrapher. A calligrapher is a person trained in the art of handwriting. His expertise can give you outstanding wedding invitations, envelopes, table cards, place cards, seating charts, program covers, and personalized wedding favors, all handwritten in a wonderfully uniform and flowing script. To make choosing a wedding calligrapher easier, bear the following guidelines in mind.

Choosing a Wedding Calligrapher

The first consideration in choosing a wedding calligrapher is the cost. Different calligraphy service providers charge differently. Be sure to do some research to find a calligrapher that could provide you the desired service at an affordable price. To save even more money, you can choose to have the calligrapher address only the envelopes instead of the invitations themselves. The invitations could be attractively printed on special paper and the superbly handwritten envelopes can be the special touch.

Another consideration to choosing a calligrapher

Another consideration to choosing a calligrapher is the time constraint. Calligraphy is slow-going and precise work; a hundred personally addressed envelopes can take at least one week to finish. You need to consider how urgently you need your project finished. Your wedding invitations, for example, are ideally in the mail at least two months before the wedding. Thus, if you’re planning on using a wedding calligrapher for your wedding invitations, you have to get the invitations back in time for you to mail them out. It is advisable to choose your wedding calligrapher even as you shop around for your invitations.

Finally, you have to have a definite idea of the style and design that you want before you choose your calligrapher. This would narrow down your choices so you would save time. Moreover, if you know exactly what you want, you can convey this to the calligrapher and prevent any misunderstandings which could cost you a lot of money (if your project has to be redone) or a lot of grief (if there’s no time to redo everything and you have to settle for what you got).

As a final word of advice, do ask for references and samples before you commit to any calligrapher. The little things that make your wedding special should not be left at the hands of someone with dubious credentials.