Storybook Wedding Transportation

Transportation is a significant factor to consider in a wedding

Transportation is a significant factor to consider in a wedding; you’ll have to make sure that everyone who is anyone in the event is well taken care of. While some couples have no problem entering and exiting the scene in a stretch limousine, others have better, more romantic ideas. If you want to be as creative as possible, why not try the following suggestions? You’ll undoubtedly have conversation material for years to come.

Why not have a fairy-tale wedding

Why not have a fairy-tale wedding, by using horse-drawn carriages for transport? Naturally you’ll have to reserve this option only for the bride, so that she would stand out among all the others. A carriage with a canopy is an exquisite touch to an already special moment, once the bride wows those in attendance when she steps out of the platform. There are services which cater to this specific need, but be sure that you inspect the carriage yourself before you rent it; make sure that it has enough room to accommodate the bride and her elaborate gown, without being too cramped in. See to it that it lives up to its claim; you want a carriage for a princess, not a beat-up horse cart.

You can also ride out into the sunset on horseback

You can also ride out into the sunset on horseback. You’ll have to be careful with this option though, the train of the bride’s should not be too long so that she can sit comfortably without it getting in the way. Also make sure that the horse is especially saddled for the purpose. If all goes well, you may just get away with the impression that the knight in shining armor has taken his fair maiden away to his castle.

Fantasy weddings shouldn’t remain that way

Fantasy weddings shouldn’t remain that way. Have you ever considered leaving the site on a hot air balloon? This would make a lasting impression, provided that it suits the venue of the wedding. If the union occurs on an isolated church steeple at the top of a slowly sloping hill, then this alternative would be the perfect getaway. Make sure that you employ qualified services for this feat, along with the necessary permits.

If the event is held in front of a lake, try a very romantic getaway

If the event is held in front of a lake, try a very romantic getaway by using a rowboat for transport. Bring some old world charm into the present by having the guests shower you with flower petals as you leave the docks. Make sure that you are up to it, though, there’s nothing more embarrassing than going around in circles on the water, when you’re supposed to be getting somewhere!

Some locales allow the couple to leave the site onboard a restored fire engine. This is a whimsical approach to your escape; you’re saying, in essence, that the getaway is an emergency that just won’t wait! With sirens blazing, you can practically tell the whole town that you’ve just been married!

If you’d like to put a nostalgic flavor to your exit, you can use a restored vintage car. Use a Camaro to suggest a rugged Grease-inspired feel, or a Roadster in order to lend the exit a sporty, Knight Rider-inspired climax. You can use a Volkswagen beetle for a quaint, eccentric touch. Make sure the vehicle that you both leave with suits your combined personalities as a couple; it should, along with the other details of the wedding, be able to symbolize your union.