Personalized wedding favors are becoming more and more popular

Personalized wedding favors are becoming more and more popular each year

Personalized wedding favors are becoming more and more popular each year. With all the different options out there, both the old and the new, how do you really know what is the best option for your wedding guests? Well, we have some wedding favor ideas to help you choose a personalized favor for each of your guests.

Cosmetic bags

Cosmetic bags – One nice wedding favor that can be given to women is a personalized cosmetic bag. The bag can have the name of the bride and groom at the wedding embroidered on the outside making it a little more personal. You can also have them in different colors or the same color. A nice option if they are all the same color is you can have them match the dresses of the bridesmaids so they can use them during the wedding.


Chocolates – Chocolates are an easy personalized wedding gift to give to men or women as you can have initials put on them or even have the box personalized as well.

Mint tins

Mint tins – You can have mint tins made that have the name of the bride and the groom and the date of their wedding. Even when the tin is out of mints it can be refilled and the person you give it to will always remember your special day.

Poker chips

Poker chips – one of the more popular personalized items these days that are given, as wedding favors are poker chips. You can order personalized poker chips with the couples name on one side and the date on the other. There are many different colors so you can use them as well next time you have a poker night. This is a great personalized gift if your friends or family like to play poker.

Engraved wine box

Engraved wine box – You can purchase a nice bottle of wine and also have a personalized engraved wine box made that will have the special day engraved on the box. The box can be used over and over especially when visiting the newly married couple. The box can be used multiple times; the same can’t be said about the wine.

BBQ + hot sauce

BBQ + hot sauce – one cool thing that can be personalized is the labels on a nice set of BBQ or hot sauce. You can come up with some cool designs as well as funny quotes on the label of the bottle. This is a unique personalized wedding favor that can be fun to give.

Wine gift set

Wine gift set – You can get a personalized wine gift set that can have a box with engraving or writing on it. The set can include a wine stopper and a wine opener. These are nice gifts that can be very useful as well if the people enjoy wine.

Golf balls

Golf balls – If the people in the wedding party are golfers than personalized golf balls are a great wedding favor. You can have the golf balls made or make imprints yourself with the date of the wedding as well as the names of the bride and groom. You can’t ensure that they will have them forever depending on their game but they also make nice little ornaments to have to remember the special day.

No matter what you and your fiancee are into, from golf to diving, you can always find something that will tell your guests how much you appreciate them coming to your wedding and reception. So, when you are searching out that perfect personalized wedding favor for your wedding, just remember that as long as it comes from your heart, it will always be perfect.