Wedding Favors For The Men In The Bridal Party

When you think about wedding favors for the bridal party

When you think about wedding favors for the bridal party, you usually think about what to get for the girls. But, what about the guys? Well, there are many types of wedding favors that can be bought for men. There are personalized wedding favors as well as themed wedding favors. If you are not sure what to get the men in the wedding party below are some ideas, which can make great wedding favors for men:

Wine stoppers

Wine stoppers – There are many different wine stoppers that can be given as gifts and they are a popular wedding favor for men. From crystallized wine stoppers to metallic ones they can be given separately or as part of a gift basket with other items.

Martini set

Martini set – One nice wedding favor for men can be a good martini shaker set that has a shaker, a strainer, and a stirrer. This can also ensure that the next time you see your biddy they should have a cocktail waiting for you, shaken or stirred.


Pocketknife – one gift that the man can always get some use out of is a nice pocketknife. A good option that the man will enjoy can be a good Swiss Army knife. Just like some of the other gifts on the list this can be included in a gift basket as well.

Coffee and mugs

Coffee and mugs – A coffee set along with some coffee mugs is always a nice wedding favor and you know that they will get use out of them. You can buy a personalized mug as well having pictures put on it. There are many types of specialized coffee that can be bought as well from flavored coffee to specialized teas that can make good wedding favors.

Cigars and accessories

Cigars and accessories – At many times at a wedding reception there is a time when the boys get together and have a good cigar. Cigars and accessories can make a great wedding favor that can be put to use at the reception. Some cigar accessories that are nice little gifts are small humidifiers, cigar pouches, and cigar clips.

Cuff links

Cuff links – If your wedding party decides to rent tuxedos a good wedding favor can be a nice set of cuff links. These can be used at the ceremony as well as after the wedding. A pair of cuff links makes a great gift that will be used for other special occasions besides the wedding.

Golf accessories

Golf accessories – there are many possibilities in terms of golf accessories for wedding favors for men. You can purchase things such as golf balls, golf tees, and even gift certificates for rounds of golf. One nice thing you can get is personalized golf balls, which can have the date of the wedding and the name of the groom on them.


Liquor – A nice bottle of liquor is a good wedding favor as it will probably be used at the reception. A nice bottle of bourbon, brandy, or scotch can be a good wedding favor, as they will enjoy it even after the wedding is over.

But no matter what type of wedding favor you choose for the men in the bridal party, make sure that it is something that comes from your heart and not just a few cheap trinkets that you threw in a bag. Taking the time to make sure that the men’s wedding favors are just as thoughful as the women’s will make a big difference to the groomsmen.