Planning your wedding is no easy task

Planning your wedding is no easy task. There is the clothes, the chapel, the guests, and of course, the wedding cake

Planning your wedding is no easy task. There is the clothes, the chapel, the guests, and of course, the wedding cake. No wedding is complete without a beautifully designed cake that shows your style and is delicious! But, when you are out looking at cake designs at different bakeries, how do you know which one is the right one to select to make the crown jewel of your wedding reception? Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you find the perfect baker for your wedding cake:

1. Call and make an appointment instead of just dropping in. Let the manager or baker know that you are “interviewing” bakers for your wedding cake and ask if they have any special cake samples or other special items that they do for weddings. Make an appointment to come in and sample some of the cakes that they bake as well as see some pictures of previous wedding cakes. By making an appointment with them, they will have the time to get everything ready and perfect for you before you show up at the door. If you don’t make an appointment, they will probably not have a full array of samples or photos for you to look at and you will not be shown their best work.

2. When you get there, look over the pictures that they show you and ask about their specialties or favorite cakes and styles to make. While most bakers can do just about everything, all of them have a favorite cake or style that they like to do the most. This is what you want to look for since this is where their passion is. If you find a baker that loves to make the kind of cake you are looking for, this is the one you want to pick. This way, you will get the most beautifully created and wonderfully tasting cake possible. If you pick a baker that doesn’t really like to make the kind of cake you want, you stand the possibility of not getting the best cake.

3. Ask to taste some samples of their best cakes. Don’t pig out, but do try a variety of them, such as chocolate, white, yellow, and a few other flavors as well. Even if you don’t like all of the flavors, you will know what kind of cakes they make, from dry to moist, and you’ll have a feel of what the finished product will taste like.

4. Remember that bakers are essentially artists with food. Wedding cakes especially are their crowning achievements and they strive to make them unique and beautiful for everyone to admire. These cakes also take a lot of time and effort on their part, so be sure to let them know how much you loved the cake with either a phone call or card after the wedding.

Following these small tips will help you to find the perfect baker for your wedding cake. Because when you have the perfect cake, you will have a great reception!

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