best modern men’s formal wedding styles

Some of the best modern men’s formal wedding styles are those that are taken from classic styles

Some of the best modern men’s formal wedding styles are those that are taken from classic styles and changed a little making them modern and stylish. Two prime examples of modern men’s formal wedding styles are seen in different tuxedos and suits that are fashioned different that the classic varieties.

Modern tuxedos

Modern tuxedos – there are now many different modern tuxedos these days that are different from the classic variety. From different buttons to various color schemes there are many possibilities. One nice option for a modern wedding tuxedo is an all black tuxedo. Generally tuxedos have white shirts and colored cumber buns but a new modern style that looks good is an all black tuxedo with a black shirt and black bow tie and cumber bun. Another popular modern men’s formal wedding tuxedo is one that has stripes on the jacket and the pants. They can be bright stripes or subtle ones. The ones that have colors such as dark blue, dark green, and red, look great as they give the tuxedo a little bit of flashiness but not being to the point of being gaudy.

Zoot suits

Zoot suits – This modern look but taken from the past has become a popular men’s wedding suit. A nice zoot suit can look great and also be very formal giving the person a little style as well. A zoot suit can also have several accessories such as a fedora, a watch fob, and black and white shoes. A zoot suit can be a great looking suit for any formal wedding. Just get ready to rule the dance floor.


Seersucker – This is another type of suit taken from the past and modernized. Seersucker can be a great formal men’s wedding suit that can be worn. It looks great when all the wedding party on the men’s side have a nice Seersucker. It can look classy as well as elegant. A nice option can also be to purchase ties for the men that will match with the dresses that the bridesmaids will be wearing.

White tuxedo

White tuxedo – More and more men are starting to wear white tuxedos to formal weddings. A white tuxedo looks great on a man and also gives a look of elegance. To throw in some color you can also have the cumber bun and bow tie match the bridesmaids dresses, this gives the wedding a style that is intertwined between the men and the women.

Matching suits

Matching suits – one thing that can look great are matching dark suits worn by the groomsman. These suits can be in the modern style as well as elegant as all the men will have matching suits. The darker the sit the classier they are.


Accessories – there are many accessories that can be used with modern men’s formal wedding wear that can give a touch of class and style. Some of these things are a nice hat, such as a fedora, a cane, and top hat.

No matter what type of men’s formal wear you choose for your wedding, make sure that you are comfortable with it and you are sure to pick the right suit every time!