White Gold or Platinum: Which One To Choose

Wedding bands are classic jewelry… and since they will always be worn, it’s important to factor in strength and appearance as much as cost and material. Use these resources to help guide your decisions in choosing a wedding band for you and your spouse.Wedding Rings

From simple bands in traditional metals to diamond anniversary or eternity bands , you find the band that symbolizes your unending love.)

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Your wedding day is the most special of your life, so mark the occasion with special wedding rings..

When you are searching out that perfect set of wedding bands

When you are searching out that perfect set of wedding bands, there are so many different types of metals to choose from. Silver, gold, platinum, stainless, white gold, copper, you name it, there are wedding bands made out of it. But, the two most popular types of metal that wedding bands are crafted from are white gold and platinum. So, which do you choose? Both are equally beautiful and will last a lifetime, but they both have different qualities that should be looked at when you are choosing a wedding band. So, to help you choose between white gold and platinum, we have some basic information about each one for you.


White Gold

This precious metal is a mix of pure gold and other metals that turn it a natural white color, including: silver, palladium, and nickel. Each batch of white gold is different, as different manufacturers create the metal differently. Depending on the mixture, the white gold of your ring can be either very strong or soft. And, if you are allergic to nickel or any other metal that is in this mixture, you will find out by noticing a green “ring” under your wedding band. In these cases, you can get the ring coated to prevent the metal from contacting your skin. White gold does have many perks though, and most people site the main perk of this metal as the beautiful, natural “white color”, hence the name “White gold”. This metal is stronger than platinum, due to the mixture of metals that are used to create the rings, so white gold will hold up better for those who work in heavy duty jobs. White gold is also much less expensive than platinum, so if you want the look of platinum without the high price, then white gold is the way to go.


While white gold is made with a mixture of metals to create it’s white appearance, platinum is naturally white without any help. Since platinum is naturally white, very rarely is it mixed with any other metal when used for wedding bands. You also will not have to worry about an allergic reaction to platinum due to the fact that it is used in a 95% pure form in wedding bands. There is a very noticable difference in the weight of platiunm versus white gold, as platinum is a more pure metal, it will weight more. Although platinum is more expensive, a wedding band of this metal will hold up just as well, if not better than a mixture of metals due to the fact that there is no mixture involved in the process and the ring and settings are pure. Although platinum is soft and will bend just as easy as gold, the metal itself will hold up just as well, if not longer than gold will.No matter which metal you choose for your wedding bands....

No matter which metal you choose for your wedding bands….

No matter which metal you choose for your wedding bands, they both will look beautiful for a long time to come. Both white gold and platinum will hold up for many, many years and provide a great family heirloom to pass down to generations to come. So, either choice will give you a great symbol of love for your wedding day. It is for these reasons that these two metals, white gold and platinum, are by far the most popular metals in wedding bands today.

Wedding Myths Exposed – the Wedding Ring

Probably the highlight of the entire wedding ceremony (apart from the entry of the bride and the kiss) is the exchange of the wedding rings. In a sense, this simple act seals the commitment which is sworn by the couple, in front of an officiating priest or minister, not to mention an entire congregation of tearful friends and relatives. The loss of the wedding rings can prove to be a disaster for the entire wedding, and a foreboding omen which haunts the mind of even the most skeptical individual. Just proves to show that the ring is an essential wedding element, does it? The real question is how and why did we ever come to the point that we use these bands to seal matrimonial ‘contracts’? Read on and find out.Wedding Myths Exposed – the Wedding Ring

Naturally, the union of a man and a woman hints of two elements uniting to form a new one, so to symbolize the union, the use of the ring is implemented

The thought that the circle has represented continuity and eternity should shed some light on the dilemma. This belief has been in place since antiquity, when pagans and mystics believed that the inconceivable was within possible reach once they delved deeper into the significance of the circle, as practically everything in nature follows some sort of circular pattern or process in an attempt to be complete. Naturally, the union of a man and a woman hints of two elements uniting to form a new one, so to symbolize the union, the use of the ring is implemented. This pagan belief gradually evolved into a gesture which is intimate and personal, rather than mystical.

Romantic or logical?

Even more intriguing is the thought that the ring is slipped into a specific finger of the left hand. Is there some rational explanation for this? Or is the reason more romantic than logical? Probably both. Logical in the sense that during the days of old, people worked with their hands, with the right hand used more often than the left. Slipping the ring on the right hand can shorten its lifespan, as is the case with other jewelry and accessories worn on the hand and wrists. The superstitious and romantic reasons for this are plenty. Most ancients believed that the ring finger carries the direct conduit artery towards the heart, and access to the latter is more easily achieved if they ‘bridled’ this finger, thereby gaining some form of control to the wearer’s heart (and affection). Also the ring finger is identifiable to Apollo, the Greek sun god and the also the god of healing. Wearing the ring on a finger betrothed to him not only means a long life, but a long life for the couple in union.

Custom of wearing the ring on fourth finger

Surprisingly enough, this custom of wearing the ring on fourth finger of the left hand is observed across most cultures, even those in antiquity who have not known that another existed. The Irish believed that the positioning of the ring sends subtle messages to potential suitors, and wearing it on the fourth finger sends the signals on an upsurge. The Romans believed that this finger provides direct access to the heart, appropriately calling the vein which runs through it as vena amoris – literally, the vein of love. Apparently, our ancestors knew their way about many things (with love in particular) more than we may believe.

Viewing the Wedding Ring as an Investment

An object which transcends that of a mere accessory, the wedding ring serves as a daily symbol of the couple’s lifelong commitment. It is no wonder that investing on a good wedding ring may be more important than that on a new car. Wedding rings are supposed to endure with the relationship; in this sense they are practically timeless. Wedding rings and bands are made from metals and stones which are as precious as the wedding vow itself.

Before you browse around for a wedding ring

Before you browse around for a wedding ring, you should be able to know your personal preferences first; if, as a couple, you are more of the no-nonsense type, then you should pick a design with simple cuts, with minimal adornments. This is highly advisable even for the more extravagant types, since you will hardly have the opportunity to take off the ring, and a simpler design is much more suited for any dress code or function. When you are looking at the available selection on display, stick with your decision and do not let the fancy designs engross you; men particularly have this weakness, and they end up choosing something which may not be a perfect fit for the couple (in style and adornment). It is important that both partners are present when purchasing a wedding ring, so that both can compromise and pick a ring that is more suited to the consensus. Designs which are gaudy or too dramatic do not usually endure the test of time, so choose ones which are simple, yet elegant.

Wedding rings are now relatively affordable

Wedding rings are now relatively affordable, and they come custom-made in an assortment of metal and stone schemes. Once the couple has pinned down the one design they choose to go along with, they will have fewer problems with the composition, as the jeweler will be able to assist them on this part. They can try out different widths (the male band is usually slightly wider than the female) and types of fit, and pick out a scheme which is more reflective of their combined personalities.

Wedding rings are a great investment for the couple

Wedding rings are a great investment for the couple, since precious metals such as gold and platinum maintain a relatively steady increase in value over time. The value of diamonds is equally reliable. Just be sure that you deal with a reputable or trusted jeweler, in order to get your money’s worth. Also make sure that you obtain an authenticity certificate. If you have any scruples with the details of the purchase, then it is probably a good idea to at least delay it; transact with credible jewelers so you won’t have any problems with the purchase.

Maintaining the sheen and condition of the rings is a regular responsibility

Maintaining the sheen and condition of the rings is a regular responsibility, once you have obtained a pair. You can polish them yourself with the use of goldsmith-grade polishing cloths, or you can have them professionally taken care of at the jeweler’s shop. In order to add durability to current wedding rings, they are now available with the option of containing tungsten alloys and Florentine or stone finishes, as a safeguard against the damages of constant wearing.

Since the wedding ring can become a substantial investment, having them covered with an insurance policy is a good idea. The policy covers the ring in case of loss or damage, as the possibility for these incidents is always present.

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