Create Wedding Videos Worth Remembering

Crystallizing wedding video moments is probably a task as daunting as the planning of the ceremony itself, especially if you are at a loss at how to choose and pick from the hours of footage, in an effort to come up with a wedding video which is truly worth remembering, and not just another video to stack in the bookcase as a souvenir of years gone by. These tips should be able to encourage you to bring out your creative spark, and end up with a video that is truly a celebration of love and union.

Planning is the essential first step.

Coordinate with the couple as early as possible prior to the event. Be familiar with the venue beforehand, and if the ceremony and reception will be held in different venues, make sure that you have a walkthrough of both facilities as well. Ask the couple about the details of the wedding, such as its style, the people the couple are planning to invite, and any other unusual aspects which can affect the presentation. This information can give you a good idea as to how to do the coverage, from choosing the appropriate types of shots, to determining the feel of the footage in the editing phases. The rehearsal is also the best time to make a dry-run of the coverage; besides, there are special moments during a rehearsal which can be used to complete your final footage.

Remember that the highlight of the event is the wedded couple

Remember that the highlight of the event is the wedded couple, and it is important to consider their preferences. Take as many shots of the couple as you possibly can, from the rehearsals to the reception. Capture subtle moments which highlight the event, apart from the wedding kiss and the exchange of vows, and make the couple the center of the video by having people comment on how lovely they looked. Also, have the wedding theme at the back of your mind while covering the event. Take shots which emphasize the theme; if it is a beach wedding, set the ocean as a backdrop for many shots. If it is an autumn wedding, include elements of fall in your footage, such as auburn oak trees and golden sunsets.

The aisle walk is one of the most important moments of the event

The aisle walk is one of the most important moments of the event: make sure you have a clear line of sight as the bride enters the aisle! This is a one-shot deal, and if you miss this opportunity, you’re final product can go bust. Also, be sure that you coordinate well with the still photographer so you won’t get in each other’s way. In this way, both your outputs contribute in making a truly special coverage. At the editing stages, leave your ego at the door and remember that although this is your umpteenth wedding video, it is still the first and only for the couple, so make it personal. Let your video complement the theme of the wedding. If the color motif is peach and green, use these when designing the titles and background. The music should also reflect well the flow and theme of the event, whether it is formal or casual. And finally, images of the couple should come first; use your best shots, and filter them into the footage at the beginning and end sequences.

Questions To Ask Any Videographer Before You Hire Them

When it comes time to look for a videographer, you might think that just anyone out of the phone book will do. I mean, they all say that they are videographers, right? Wrong. Some people think that just because they pick up a video camera or digital video camera they are instant videographers. The truth is that most professional videographers are more like a tv film crew than just someone who holds the video camera on you. So, what do you look for when you are interviewing a videographer before you hire them? Here are some helpful questions that you should always ask:

  1. What kind of equipment do they have? Is it professional broadcast equipment or just a series of video or digital video cameras? If they do not have professional equipment, then you should put them low on your list versus someone who does. The quality of your video will come out so much better if you have a professional videographer shoot your wedding video.
  2. What are their qualifications?
  3. Did they have formal training to be a videographer? If so, where?
  4. What credentials do they have?
  5. How long have they been in business?
  6. How many weddings (approximately) have they done since they have been in business?
  7. How many weddings have they done in the past year?
  8. Ask for references for other vendors that they work with. If they do not have any or the references turn out to be bad, cross this one off your list completely. If they don’t have good references from vendors that they work with on a daily basis, chances are that they won’t be a good person to hire for your wedding video.
  9. Ask for samples or references of video that they have done for other weddings. You want to make sure that you get to see a full-length video of a wedding, and not just snippets or a demo tape. With a full-length tape, you can see their work from start to finish, and not just snips or samples of their best work. This is a great way to to see their work and find out how good they truly are in their area.
  10. Do they have professional audio equipment?

Of course, there are many other questions that will come to mind while you are asking these ten, so don’t hesitate to write them down so you won’t forget them. The videographer that you interview should have professional video and audio equipment and should be able to present him or herself and business in a way that makes you feel completely comfortable with their abilities to produce a wonderful wedding video for your special day. If you feel uncomfortable in any way with the one that you are interviewing, just cross them off your list. There is no reason to hire someone that you don’t trust.

DONT!! Be looking for the lowest price before the quality

Also, it seems that more and more, couples are looking for the lowest price before the overall quality of the video. If you are planning to spend money on a professional videographer, make sure that you hire one that is worth the money and not the other way around. Remember that this video is something that you will pass down to your children and grandchildren one day.

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