Fruit Decorations For Your Fall Wedding

Fall is a great season

Fall is a great season to be wed with its carefree atmosphere that is further enhanced by falling leaves and earthy tones. Although Fall is a popular time of the year to tie the knot, not a lot of brides are able to pull off the perfect matrimonial parties. The first mistake they make is to go against the season’s colors. The second is that they do not make full use of Fall’s produce of fruits such as apples and pumpkins.

Having an afternoon wedding

Having an afternoon wedding in a vineyard is probably the most romantic you can get, what with the chill of the season looming over the late afternoon. Safe to assume that the sun will be shining brightly, your guests can enjoy the warmth and the scenic views of an open vineyard. If you choose to have your party indoors, replicate the vineyard setting by using grapes and its vines. You may opt to use plastic vines as not a lot of vineyards will sell their trees. To make it seem more authentic, use real grapes to hand on the vines. Compliment the ambiance by having the best wine served to your guests. Because grapes come in a assortment of colors; such as green, violet, red and black; you won’t run of ideas for the color motif of your wedding. As wedding favors, you can give away bottles of wine from your favorite winery with small goblets that they can use at their own homes. Remember that it is always best to send off your guests with gifts that they can make use of at their own homes; instead of giving them ones that they will just throw away when they do their spring cleaning.

Fall coincides with Halloween

Fall coincides with Halloween, and though you might not want to be a Hallow’s Eve bride, you can still use the pumpkin as one of your wedding decorations. Try not to cut out eyes and mouths into the gourds, and instead just go with more festive shapes; such as diamonds, stars and hearts. If you want to place candles inside the pumpkin, but would rather that it not look like a Halloween pumpkin; decorate the outsides with seasonal flowers and greens to invoke a different kind of setting.

Fall is the season for apple-picking

Fall is the season for apple-picking, thus many weddings have been inspired by Granny Smiths, Fujis and Honeycrisps. Apples have a lot of color variety ranging from deep crimson red, to golden yellows and bright greens, giving brides and decorators ideas for the motif of the wedding. Not only does the apple serve as a colorful centerpiece, it also adds to the earthy ambiance of your reception with its sweet fruity scent. If you would like to go all the way, have a traditional apple pies and tarts for dessert. Another great way to send off your guests is by giving them apple scented candles, apple candies or just miniature baskets of the fruit itself.

Fall may not be the season that we associate with the beginning of life, like Spring. But it gives brides and grooms a chance to be unique and creative with their wedding ideas.