Getting the Best Out of Your Wedding Caterer

Your wedding feast is a crucial part of your wedding celebration

Your wedding feast is a crucial part of your wedding celebration. As with everything in your wedding, you want the food to be remembered and appreciated by your guests. Thus, you would have to choose your wedding caterer with care. However, after you have made your choice, it would not do at all to leave all the details to the caterer. You need to keep an active part in the wedding food preparations so you can be sure of a truly memorable feast.

Decide on the Menu Early

Preparing for a wedding feast is not something that can be rushed. Your caterer will need lots of time to prepare everything to your specification. To make your food preparation as stress-free as possible, have a menu ready as early as possible. The caterer can make the menu based on the type of food you want served. Have your caterer draw up three sets of menu and choose one set or create one by mixing and matching items from the three.

Think about the Type of Meal You’ll Provide

Your wedding reception can be fully buffet or it can be full sit-down meals with several courses. They can also be rationed by plate. Be clear on what you want and relay your wishes to your caterer.

Think about Logistics

Inspect your reception venue with your wedding caterer so that your caterer will know what he will need in terms of equipment. The caterer can also make alternative arrangements your reception venue’s kitchen area doesn’t meet his specifications. The earlier you spot problems, the sooner they can be solved.

You also need to know how many people your caterer will assign to your wedding reception. There should be an adequate staff to keep the food replenished and the drinks flowing. If you have full sit-down meals, there should be an adequate number of waiters to wait on your guests.

Of course, you need to find out what serving dishes and linens your caterer will use to your wedding. Don’t be satisfied with pictures; ask to see them instead. Be sure that these services are expressly written in your contract with your caterer.

Think about the Food

It is but common sense to find out beforehand how the food items your caterer will serve on your wedding will taste like. Ask your caterer to provide you samples for tasting and also to find how big a single serving is. Change things that are not to your liking. This way, you will ensure that your guests will be treated only to succulent and satisfying food.

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