Hiring Your Wedding Entertainment

How Much Do You Charge?

The first contact that many Wedding Disc Jockeys (DJs) have with their prospective clients (you), are those five words!!

We understand.  We are consumers ourselves after all.  But we also believe in this premise…

“You get what you pay for!”

For example, let’s say you want to get the oil changed in your car.  You know the going price is, for example, $30.  Now, company XYZ is willing to change your oil for $15.  Aren’t you the least bit suspicious of what cost cutting measures XYZ’s owners have taken to allow them to cut so deeply into the average cost of the oil change?

The same basic concept applies to the world of the Wedding DJ

The same basic concept applies to the world of the Wedding DJ.  There are certain things that all DJs must have in order to be in business.  Personality is very important, but at the most basic level, every mobile entertainer has to have something to play and something to play it on.  There are other items and services that some have and some do not, some offer and some don’t, but when you take it all down to a grass roots level, you will come back to those two things.

Something To Play… Something To Play It On

Here is where we start to get into factors that make some Wedding DJs different from each other.  Mostly, this should all be transparent to you, the client.  How extensive a DJ’s library of music is, or what kind of equipment they carry is unimportant as long as you and your guests are happy with the music, and the quality of the sound.  The point here, is that in order to keep all this transparent to you and your guests, a mobile entertainer has to spend money… and more than a fair amount of it!  Quality equipment (and we are not talking about the stereo equipment in your average consumer electronics store) costs plenty, and we all know how much a compact disc runs these days.  If a mobile entertainer can afford to charge less than the average, then you may wish to ask yourself… where are they cutting expenses so they can cut costs?

You may already be wondering this:  Why does this matter to me, if it’s all supposed to be transparent anyway?  What do I care what kind of CD player the guy I hire has if the price is the lowest?

What Is A Wedding DJ Worth?

When it matters is when the quality is not there and all of a sudden, the stuff that should be transparent, isn’t anymore!  Imagine this…

You are at your own wedding reception.  Arguably, this is the most important day of your life (and your parent’s) so far.  You made sure everything was perfect… the centerpieces, a well recommended caterer, the best facility in town and the DJ was a steal; at least $150 lower than any other price quote.

Now, we come to the Bride and Groom’s first dance, the most poignant moment of any wedding reception.  The carefully chosen song is playing when the DJ’s CD player starts to skip and stutter, then stop. You would likely be very embarrassed, on the dance floor, isolated and alone, in front of your friends and family.  After a seemingly endless delay, the DJ starts another song, and time moves on. The moment, however, is forever ruined.



















What do you think your guests (especially your family) are going to remember about the evening?  The centerpieces?  The food?

No… they are going to always remember the moment the music stopped.

And there you have it.  Your DJ, who was so inexpensive, showed the lack of quality that allowed them to cut their price to get your business.  Was the $150 saved worth the lifetime of embarrassment?

Quality & Comfort… Not Price

Most Wedding Entertainers (or DJs) are professionals who take pride in their companies and their reputations.  Our clients, our customers are important to us.  Your special event becomes a reflection upon us and who we are.  We care about how successful your wedding reception is and we care that you, as well as your guests remember how good a time they had, rather than how good the veggie platter was!

The majority of Wedding Entertainment companies will fall into a set of price ranges, based on what market they operate within.  Regardless, after shopping around, you should be able to get a feel for what price range and what level of service you should be looking for.  Once you have narrowed down what you want, your final decision, your choice of entertainment, however, should not be based on price, rather on quality.  Even more important is your comfort level with that company.

Let’s face it, no amount of high-tech gear is going to make up for a clash in personalities. Sometimes people just do not click!  And you don’t want someone you think is perfectly obnoxious entertaining you at your wedding reception, do you?!  Because you are trusting the success of this special event to this person, is it not important that you feel comfortable with that person?

How Much Do You Charge??

I think we can all agree that quality and comfort are much more important than price, right?  Admittedly, the prices you are quoted are probably going to seem high.  Take into account, however, that a DJs involvement with your event does not begin and end on the day of the event.  No more than you have preparations before, so does your entertainer!  Consider these items…

  • The time spent meeting with you to discuss your event
  • Time spent researching and purchasing special music for your event
  • Preventive maintenance on equipment
  • Loading and unloading, both at the company premises and event location
  • Travel time to and from the location

When you add together all the time devoted to your event, you can see that the price of a quality mobile entertainer is not all that high.  Other factors such as location, number of guests, time of year and demand also play a major role in determining price.