Choosing The Right Men’s Wedding Attire

One of the things than can be difficult to decide on is choosing the right men’s wedding attire

One of the things than can be difficult to decide on is choosing the right men’s wedding attire. Do you go with traditional, casual, semi formal, formal – there are so many options to choose from. What should be taken into consideration is what type of wedding it will be. Is it an extremely formal one or will it be an extremely casual one? Once you pinpoint the type of wedding choosing the right men’s attire can be much easier. Once you have nailed down what type of wedding you will have, here are the basics on each type of formal attire to help you pick the right one:


Formal – If it is a formal wedding then the best choice for men’s wedding attire might be a tuxedo. A tuxedo looks great on all men and they are very classy. Whether it be a white, grey, or black, a tuxedo for a wedding is a great choice and one of the more popular ones considering how good they look. You can also choose different color cumberbuns and sometimes the color can match the bridesmaid dresses. This is a nice look that gives everyone in the wedding a look, at least a little, of the same color.


Semi-formal – Even if the wedding will be a somewhat formal one there are many nice suits that can be worn by the men. They can come in many different colors but the darker the more formal and generally the best looking. In choosing a tie, much like a cumber bun for a tuxedo, you can make the cooler of the tie the same as the dresses of the bridesmaids. You can also have bow ties as well but these look better with tuxedos. Suits also look great on men and can be tailored for the whole wedding party. One nice thing about suits is many men already have them so you do not need to worry about ruining it like a tuxedo, which is rented much of the time.


Semi-casual – If the wedding is one that will be somewhat casual but not ultra casual then nice pants, nice shirt, and tie can be worn. With a semi casual wedding a tie is not even needed as you can wear a nice button down or polo shirt with a nice pair of pants. What should not be worn though are jeans, t-shirts, and sandals as there is still a bit of formality in the wedding.


Casual – With a casual wedding anything can be worn as the entire wedding is relaxed and laid back and the attire reflects that. Even though it is casual maybe jeans and t-shirts are not the best idea. A pair of chinos or slacks with a polo shirt can be worn as it is casual but still looks nice. Even shorts can be worn as long as they are not tattered or too worn. A dark or tan pair of shorts with a nice polo shirt is proper attire for a casual wedding. Even sandals can be worn depending on how casual. If it is a beach wedding a nice Hawaiian shirt can be a nice option and colorful as well.

No matter what type of wedding you are throwing, and what type of men’s wear you choose, make sure that you are completely comfortable with your decision. If you feel that the attire you have chosen isn’t quite enough, or is too formal, change it. After all, it is your day too!