One of the more expensive aspects of a wedding is the location

From a church to a wedding hall

One of the more expensive aspects of a wedding is the location. From a church to a wedding hall, there are various locations that can be chosen to hold your wedding and reception. There are some locations though that cost more than others and some ways to save money choosing other venues. One way to save money on a wedding location is to pick a place where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception. Many times if picking two different locations can be very expensive, so if you can possibly choose a location where you can rent both areas, you will save money. But, many times it is not possible to have one location, especially if you get married in a church. But there are wedding halls and other venues, such as parks, which can accommodate both aspects of a wedding. Here are some ideas on places to check into that can save you money on the location of your wedding and reception:

A park can be a great place for the location of a wedding

Parks – A park can be a great place for the location of a wedding. It is outdoors and generally in a very beautiful area. A park will usually cost less than if the wedding was in a large church or a wedding hall. A nice aspect about a park wedding as well is that it outdoors and you can enjoy the day. You can also save on food if you have the wedding at a park as you can either organize to bring your own food or have a catering service do it. With a wedding hall or other places that hold wedding receptions you have to pay the food cost which can get very expensive.

If your wedding is not going to have a lot of guests

Backyard – If your wedding is not going to have a lot of guests a good option can have the wedding in your backyard or a friend or relatives backyard. This greatly reduces the cost of a wedding location as that is factored out in the costs of the entire wedding. Many people have backyards that are great for weddings with large lawns that can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception. This is probably the most inexpensive choice for locations of a wedding as there are not many costs involved besides food and entertainment. With other locations you have to pay for the space and with a backyard wedding you don’t.

wedding can be the beach

The Beach – If you live near the coast a great place to have an inexpensive wedding can be the beach. There is no place more romantic than getting married at the beach on a gorgeous day. It also can save a lot of money as well. You can also have the reception at the beach or near it as you can rent tables and chairs have the wedding catered and have some entertainment brought in.

inexpensive wedding

Golf course – A popular venue these days for an inexpensive wedding is at a golf course. A golf course is nice because it is outside and there is green grass and, generally, hills all around. Both the ceremony and the reception can be done at a golf course. Many times they will have catering available as well as entertainment. A golf course can nowadays host weddings with everything involved and at a reasonable price.

Your church – If you or a family member are a member of a local church, check into getting married there. For members, there is usually a very small fee to use the church for your wedding as well as any reception facilities that they might have. If they don’t have a reception facility, then you won’t have to pay much, since you have already gotten your wedding location extremely cheap.

price of the wedding location

There are many other areas that you can look into for a break on the price of the wedding location. If you are a member of any type of large club or other group, you can check into using their facilities for your wedding or reception. With a little thought and a little imagination, you can always find a great venue for your wedding at a price that will please any wedding budget.

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