Popular wedding traditions

One of the more popular wedding traditions

One of the more popular wedding traditions has something to do with the bride’s accessories on the wedding day. You’re familiar with this one; in fact, who isn’t? This custom is known more than the poem from which it originated: “Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue; and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” Whether you have a knack for observing tradition, or you think you can entirely do away with it, you nevertheless can’t resist the charm of this one. This tradition is chock full of pleasant symbolisms, and it wouldn’t hurt if you build your bridal outfit around it on your own big day.

Wearing or having something old

Wearing or having something old signifies that you are leaving your old single life behind, or something of sentimental importance is being passed onto you. It provides you with a link to the past, while you look ahead to your future. Accessories which fit this purpose may be in the form of a family heirloom, such as a veil which has been used by former brides in the family, an old handkerchief from a grandparent, or a pillow which has been used since childhood, and doubles as the one carrying the wedding rings.

Wearing or having something new

Wearing or having something new signifies the new life you are facing as a married woman, and it also is an optimistic face-forward to a happy marriage. It ushers you into the future with a fresh, new beginning. You can get creative with this one by using charming accessories such as a new necklace of pearls or diamonds, a bracelet, or a bouquet of flowers made out of silk fabric. You can also have a new haircut prior to the wedding, a new perfume, or a newly opened and applied designer lipstick. If money isn’t a problem, you can even leave the wedding venue in a brand new luxury car.

Wearing or having something borrowed

Wearing or having something borrowed represents another person’s happiness and good wishes which are endowed upon you for keepsake. It may also be a symbol of something which you particularly admire about a special person, such as a close friend or relative. It may be in the form a family trinket such as a grandparent’s silk handkerchief or earrings, hair accessories like a barrette or comb, a keepsake coin to place underneath a shoe, or a friend’s shawl. You can also use the wedding vows of your parents on your big day; or quote a snippet of a famous philosopher or bard’s verse on love and commitment in the ceremony.

Wearing or having something blue

Wearing or having something blue symbolizes your unwavering commitment to the groom as a bride and wife; blue is a popular symbol of purity and chastity in medieval times, and the color of the wedding gown then was also blue. Naturally, the object or accessory which you should use for this part has to be in the mentioned color. It may be in the form of a garter, a plush wedding gown or a groom’s suit, confetti, nail polish, makeup, or hair streaks and highlights. As long as the accessory or object is a match with your personality and stays within the shade range of the color, you can use it.