Spending For Your Bridesmaids’ Outfits

Sometimes there are so many emotions involved prior to a wedding

Sometimes there are so many emotions involved prior to a wedding, that the actual event seems more of an anticlimax. Think about the exhausting tasks of choosing for a theme, arranging for the venue, checking in on the cake, the bridal dress, the accommodations, the flowers… and of course that dilemma concerning the bridal dress. Sure, you may think that the bridesmaid should pay her own way for the honor of being a part of your big day, but if you’ve served as bridesmaid in someone else’s wedding, the thought of shelling out a hefty amount on a dress which you may or may not like (not to mention that you’ll probably get to wear it only once) should cause you to shower some sympathy on your girl friends.

Spending For Your Bridesmaids’ Outfits

You may be considering your bridesmaids’ feelings and willingness to pay for their dresses

You may be considering your bridesmaids’ feelings and willingness to pay for their dresses so much that you choose to pay for all of them; if you’re on an unlimited budget (which is rarely the case), then treat your bridesmaids to a shopping spree. But if you’re a bit of a spoilsport (although a well-mannered one at that), you can do at least three things: have them pay for their own dresses; share some of the expenses for the outfits; or scrimp on the dresses by going for the more affordable options.

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Most brides will be relieved….

Most brides will be relieved (though they won’t admit it) at the first option; your wedding may already be going over the set budget, and paying for your bridesmaids’ dresses could easily inflate it further. But you do have to consider their opinions on the outfits before you put your stamp of approval. They’re your friends, first and foremost, but they also want to get the most out of their money with a dress that’s truly worth the effort. Most best best friends usually don’t hesitate at the thought of paying their own way to your wedding, but if you’re considering on washing your hands off of the outfit expenses, talk to them first and hear their feelings about the matter.

You can share in the expenses for the dress

You can share in the expenses for the dress. This is usually the ideal option for weddings on a budget. You’ll be able to ease your bridesmaids’ spending, and you will all share the blame if the dresses don’t give out the impression they’re supposed to achieve. Your cut in the outfit expenses will depend on your wedding budget, but splitting it halfway will be able to ease out tensed nerves a bit (not necessarily yours).

If you’re paying for all of the outfits

If you’re paying for all of the outfits, you can be a spendthrift and scrimp on them, but your bridesmaids may resent you for providing them with less-than-desirable dresses. Let them know of your decision first, and then schedule a fitting with all of them, so you all can come up with a compromise at the dress shop or the shoe store. It is true that you should be the first to shine in your own wedding, but do remember your entourage; they will enter the aisle before you do, and are therefore fully justified to share in the limelight.