A wedding is about the bride and the groom

A wedding is about the bride and the groom, or it used to be

A wedding is about the bride and the groom, or it used to be. Nowadays, a wedding is all about the bride, the groom, and the wedding cake. Ever noticed the way the wedding cake has now become one of the wedding reception’s main features? The wedding cake has grown much grander than it was; the wedding guests of today expect the wedding cake to be an elegant and delicious work of art. So how do you get a masterpiece for your wedding cake?

The Flavor

The wedding cake is something meant for dessert so your first requirement should be that it tastes absolutely divine. There are lots of flavors available for wedding cakes and your baker should provide you with a multitude of choices. Now you can even request a different flavor for every layer.

Do not just randomly pick a flavor that you think you would like. Make sure that your baker gives you a cake tasting appointment where you will get to taste all types of cake flavors to make your final decision. To pick your flavor, it is better that both you and your partner be present for the cake tasting. Make sure that you are in accord about the final flavor you choose.

The Design

As good as it should taste, the wedding cake should be even better to look at. It should be the centerpiece of your wedding reception so it better be worth the attention it will generate.

You have to decide how many layers you want your cake to be, how big or small it should be and its overall design. All these considerations would ultimately be based on your wedding theme and motif. If you have a luau planned for your wedding reception, then it is not appropriate to have an English style cake. You also need to consider the weather for your cake design because in extremely hot conditions, your icing could melt and leave your cake a mess.

The Price

Never neglect the price in making your wedding cake decisions. Make sure that you are clear on the per slice price of your cake as well as delivery prices and other incidentals. Do not spend over your wedding cake budget. If you are artistically inclined, you can save a pretty penny by asking the baker to provide the basic cake and decorating the cake yourself with your friends’ help.

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