Saving Money On Food For The Reception

One of the aspects of a wedding

One of the aspects of a wedding that many people do not count on when they are considering the different costs that cover the food at a wedding reception. The food is always a factor, but there are other things, such as the service and the preparation, that sometimes are not factored in. So, how do you find great dishes for your reception without spending your entire wedding budget? Well, here are some great tips and ideas to help you find a money-saving strategy when it comes to food for your reception:

Self-catering – Obviously the best way to save money for food at a wedding it to self cater it. This can generally be done if the wedding is not going to be very large. You can make a buffet style wedding reception and put out the food on tables so the people can go through a line. Besides saving on food costs you also save on service costs. When using a catering service that uses food servers you have to factor in those costs as well. By self-catering you factor them out. Even if you do use a caterer you can save on money by making it a buffet line so you do not have to pay the service costs.

Saving Money On Food For The Reception

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BBQ – One way to save on food costs for a wedding reception is to have a BBQ. By having a BBQ style wedding you can still have great food but at a better deal. Many times with weddings there is the cost of the food, which is accounted for by how many guests there are or price per plate. With a BBQ you have to figure out how much food will be needed and then just pay one cost. Also with BBQ food the trimmings are also generally less expensive as they are typically salads, bread, cole slaw, and beans. All of these are not very expensive. Just like self-catering there are also no service costs that have to be accounted for. BBQ can also have nice meat such as tri-tip or lower costs meat such as chicken.

Catering service

Catering service – This really depends on where you will have your wedding. At many wedding halls and places where the reception is they have their own service for the food. This can get expensive, as you really have no other choice. With these types of places you also have to pay the fee involved to the people that will be serving the food. If you have a catering service do the food for you at a designated area you can negotiate the price with them and see if you need servers or you can just use a buffet. Many times a caterer will come and drop of the food and set it all up for you and then when the people are ready to eat they make sure it is prepared and out.

In all of these three food options they save you money as they have one thing in common. There are not service fees that are involved. When paying for caterers and places that have reception food one of the biggest costs is the service fee. If you take this out of the equation you can save a lot for having food at a wedding.

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