FAQ`s About Wedding Bands

When it comes to wedding bands, most people aren’t experts

When it comes to wedding bands, most people aren’t experts. In fact, you are probably choosing them for the first time. So, you search through the stores, ask all the jewelry salespeople about them and try to choose the best ones for the money.

FAQ`s About Wedding Bands

But, how do you really know which ones are the best? Well, we have compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to wedding bands to help you out:

Which types of wedding bands are out there to choose from?

Well, there are so many different styles and types of wedding bands that you might not know where to start the list. In today’s world, almost any ring can be considered a wedding band if you choose. But, overall, wedding bands can be placed into two different categories: plain and decorated. Plain bands are the more traditional wedding bands, and can be made in different styles and types as well, such as: flat or comfort fit. The “flat” bands offer the wearer a traditional, plain, linear look and feel. They get their name, “flat”, from the square style of band width with very slightly rounded edges. The comfort fit bands are newer to the market, and offer a better quality ring with smoother edges that don’t cut into the skin as much if the ring is strained around the finger. No matter which type of ring you choose, you can go from plain with no design at all, to completely decorated in jewels with no part of the metal showing at all. It’s all about your preference in wedding bands that counts here.About Wedding Bands

Which metal should I choose for my bands?

There are many different kinds of metals that are used to make wedding bands. The most popular are: gold, platinum, silver, and white gold. Depending on your preference in color for the metal, you can go from gold to silver to a pure white metal and stay in any price range. Each different metal has it perks, but most metals that are used to create wedding bands are made very well and will hold up for many, many years.

How do I figure out both of our finger sizes?

Your finger size will be pretty easy to determine. You can have the jeweler measure your finger when you are looking at rings They can also let you know which wedding band style will be best suited for your finger type. For example, if you have very thick, muscular fingers, you do not want to choose a very dainty wedding band. Figuring out your fiancee’s ring size might be a little more difficult if you do not have her or him with you. They can go to any jeweler and have their finger measured or they can go to the jeweler that you two are purchasing your wedding bands from and have them measure it to ensure that they turn in the correct sizing.

How do I have the wedding bands sized?

Having a wedding band sized is no big deal, and most jewelry stores can either do it there or they already have a shop that they send their rings to. The shop can size your finger to ensure that they are getting the right size for your ring as well.

Will it matter if our wedding bands don’t match?

Matching wedding bands are more traditional, but in today’s world, the bride and groom don’t always agree on which metal or design they both like. So, choosing different wedding bands is not too rare. If you choose to have matching or non-matching bands, it doesn’t matter. They are a symbol of your love for each other and you both will know what they mean no matter what.

People who are getting married will have many questions about their bands and choosing them. If you have more in depth questions about metals, jewels, or the rings in general, you can always discuss them with your jeweler.