Personalizing Your Wedding Vows

Many couples now a days are opting to personalize their wedding vows

Many couples now a days are opting to personalize their wedding vows and put a special touch on traditional passages. This is a great way to make a wedding unique and special and to truly echo the love between a bride and groom. Instead of just reading generic vows, today it is more popular than ever to put a little spice into your “I do’s.”

The reason that many people began to put a spin on traditional vows is because traditional vows are generally more conservative. They use words like “obey,” which some people interpret as being chauvinistic. By writing their own vows, couples make the playing fields a little more equal at the altar, and in the process, also added a personal touch never experienced at weddings before.

For contemporary couples starting out their new life together

For contemporary couples starting out their new life together, there are many new situations that brides and grooms traditionally did not face. In the past, there were fewer couples creating blended families with children from past marriages, couples that already were co-habitating, and other “non-traditional” newlywed types. These contemporary couples already know each other in many ways and may have already begun to build a life together. For these couples, they already have the experience of knowing each others strengths and weaknesses, as well as their at-home personality. These experiences of already knowing each other completely can help to inspire humorous vows that reflect your love for one another.

However, no matter how personal your vows become

However, no matter how personal your vows become, you need to check with your officiant to make sure that your vows incorporate everything needed to make your union legal. As long as all requirements are met to make your union legally binding, your vows are completely up to you. However, in order to keep your wedding ceremony going at an even pace, a standard order for vows typically entail a greeting, vows, exchange of rings and announcement for the couple. As long as your vows adhere to this order, things should run smoothly in personally written vows.

Personalizing your vows may prove to be a difficult task for even the most devoted couples. However, there is nothing more meaningful for some couples than the right words to express your love for one another. One idea for inspiration is while you are planning your wedding together, jot down things that you love about your partner in a journal as they come up. You may find that these reflections are enough to inspire even the least poetic person to write a great set of vows for their partner.

With personalized vows

With personalized vows, your words don’t have to be fluffy or ornate, but just true representations of your love for your partner. Take the time to think about your relationship and great ideas will surely flow on how you and your partner can personalized your wedding vows. Whatever you decide, just remember that your wedding day and vows are your own special way of showing your friends and family just how important your soon-to-be-spouse is to you. What better way to show it than through personalized vows?