Professional Wedding Vendors Hiring A Wedding Disc Jockey

What’s a wedding without good tunes?

A good DJ is as important to a party as the decoration of the hall or the dinner menu.

Choosing a DJ for your wedding reception is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music is not great, the party will fizzle. There are thousands of DJs all over the country, but to narrow the choices down in your area, you can start by trusting the word on the street. Ask your friends and coworkers for a good reference from a wedding or event they might have recently attended. And if you are at a wedding or party where the DJ was impressive, find out where they’re from and book them yourself.

If you have no luck with references and are still starting from scratch, you might want to try your local professional disc jockey association. Membership doesn’t guarantee your happiness or the quality of DJ, but it gives you a good idea of the company’s sincerity.

Pride In Their Work

A DJ active in an association also shows he cares about his business. Which usually means he cares about what happens at your wedding. Wedding magazines and Internet bridal sites might be the best source for a quality DJ, because the companies listed are usually wedding specialists.

Separating the wedding professionals from the backyard DJs can help you avoid becoming a wedding horror story. Nobody wants an irresponsible music person who shows up late or not at all, doesn’t interact with the audience, plays inappropriate tunes or uses faulty equipment without backups. Once you’ve got the selection narrowed down to a few candidates it’s important to keep your focus on the type of entertainment you want -rather than try to get the DJs into a price war. If a DJ keeps dropping his price to get your business, he may not be very good. Most professional companies rely on referral business and maintain a certain pricing standard. Not that bargaining is out of the question, but it’s often worth an extra hundred bucks to make sure you’re getting a quality entertainer.

Another way to narrow the choice down to one is by developing a rapport over the phone and paying attention to their attitude and way with words. Their personality tends to spill over into their DJ style.

Consider More Than Price

Avoid those who don’t return calls quickly or fail to send you the information you requested.
And most importantly, trust your instincts. If you have that feeling in your gut someone is wrong for you … move on. The biggest error committed by most brides and grooms looking for a DJ is the phone book price comparison. A guaranteed recipe for disaster is calling every DJ in the book and booking solely on the lowest quote. Do your research on the company. Ask for references and talk price after all your other goals have been met.

Tips On Finding The Right Wedding DJ

* Get written confirmation of your agreement
* Make sure there is back-up equipment in case of emergency
* Make sure the DJ is insured
* Find out how much experience they have
* Get references
* Meet in person to talk about music selection and details
* Talk etiquette
* Find out if lighting is included
* Get off-hours contact numbers and a contact for the wedding day in case of emergency
* If you are dealing with a franchise, ensure that you will get the personal service you require.