Proper Wedding Shower Etiquette

When you are throwing a party or shower for someone

When you are throwing a party or shower for someone, you think about the food, drinks, presents, and games. But, do you think about the proper etiquette involved with the party or shower itself? Did you even know that there is a set etiquette for them? Most people don’t realize that there is a special etiquette that goes along with throwing a party or shower, so to help you out, we have compiled a small list of tips about wedding shower etiquette to help make your shower the best possible!

  1. Invitations – Make sure that the people you invite to your wedding shower are on the guest list for the wedding. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are throwing a destination wedding and not everyone can attend.
  2. When you are writing out your guest list for invites to your wedding shower, make sure that you include both friends and family of the bride and groom, don’t leave one side out. 
  3. Even if your guests cannot attend the wedding or the wedding shower, you should make sure that you send them an invitation anyway, to let them know that they are always welcome. 
  4. When you are sending out wedding shower invites, DON’T send one invite for several people, even if they all live together. Send each one separately to ensure that they all get the invite and that they all know they are welcome.
  5. Make sure that you give each invitation time to arrive and time for the guest to plan on going to your shower. The normal time to send invites is one month before the event. This gives ample time for it to arrive and for the guest to let you know if they will attend or not.
  6. When you send out your invites, make sure that you put your phone number, cell phone number, and any other contact numbers with the address where the shower will be held, just in case someone gets lost.
  7. If you are registered anywhere, make sure that you let your guests know the name(s) of the store that you are registered at. You can either write it in the invitation or you can let them know by telling them when they call. Either way is acceptable.
  8. When the guests arrive at your wedding shower, make sure to have one person who is designated to meet them at the door and to let them know where the bride is, food is, and drinks are. You can also have a designated person to introduce them to everyone else or have special name tags made out for everyone.
  9. During the shower, make sure that all guests are having a good time by creating conversation with those who are just sitting alone. DON’T let anyone sit alone for too long! Introduce them to someone, or take the time to visit with them yourself.
  10. When you are opening your presents, make sure that you have someone there to write down who they are from and what the present is. This will help you keep track of who to send thank you cards to.
  11. As the guests are leaving, make sure that you personally thank them for taking the time to come and wish them a careful travel home.
  12. If alcohol is served at your shower, make sure that no guest is too inebriated to drive. If so, find them a ride home or take them yourself.

Just remembering these small things will ensure that both you and your guests have a great time at your wedding shower. Enjoy each guest by talking to everyone and don’t throw a diva fit if something doesn’t go just as planned. Lay back and enjoy the party, after all, it is in your honor!