Every girl dream to have a perfect wedding

Wendy’s Dream Wedding

It has always been every girl dream to have a perfect wedding. Some dream of marrying on a hilltop, some prefer an ancient castle but for me, a perfect wedding would be to marry in a simple chapel in my hometown. So it may sounds funny right? After all, there are so many interesting places a girl would have chosen but for me an idea of a simple and ordinary wedding ceremony held in a chapel will make me very happy.

I’ve always dreamed of my dad walking me down the aisle attended by all my family members, friends and relatives. My mom especially would be proud of her little girl finally grown up to lead a new married life. This has always been my dream to make them happy that someday the guy whom I choose will be able to take care of me well and live happily with me.

There are several things I feel must be present on my special day

There are several things I feel must be present on my special day. First of all, there must be lots of flowers surrounding the chapel. I like roses so I would love to see the place filled and decorated with my favorite flower. I just love to imagine being surrounded by the scent of fresh flowers as they decorate the pathway leading to the chapel. Another thing that I hope my future husband would present for me as a wedding gift, is a huppa. I’ve always been attracted to the beauty and the grandeur of standing underneath it. When you see it on the movies it’s like one of those made in heaven perfect wedding ceremonies. Having huppa not only makes it unique but the it makes the environment so much different.

I also hope that during that special day my wedding gown will be long and beautiful. I love to imagine the glitter and the white color of the gown worn around my body symbolizing truth and purity. I also hope to see my perfect wedding ceremony being captured on video so that even when I’m old the sweet memories can always be recalled to relive back those precious moments. Seeing everybody so happy and joyful makes you wonder what else in the world could be more precious.

I’m not looking for a guy to love him because of his wealth but the person must be someone whom I have feelings for deeply and the willingness to spend the rest of my life with him. It’s not necessary for him to provide me anything expensive because all I want is someone who is honest and will always be there whenever I need him. He should be able to guide me in whatever I do and in the end, my dream wedding not only means having a simple wedding in a chapel and but what is important, marrying the love of my life.