DIY makeup

You’re wedding is like the prom

You’re wedding is like the prom; you’ll probably get to experience it once in your life. If you were absolutely finicky about how you looked for your prom, chances are you’re practically a sack of nerves now that your own wedding draws ever closer. If you want no hassles in the makeup and hairdo aspect of your look, going for professional services are an easy and reliable option. But this can cost you a hefty amount. On the other hand, you can do your own makeup, or have it done by a friend; your look would consequently be at the mercy of you or your friend’s dexterity and taste. Which should you go for? This may be a difficult dilemma, but hopefully these tips would help you in your decision.

The main factor which most brides consider on when choosing from professional or DIY makeup

The main factor which most brides consider on when choosing from professional or DIY makeup services is obviously the price. Do admit that professionally-done makeover beats a self-made hash job, unless you’re a professional makeup artist yourself. Otherwise, it is best to ask the obvious question before you decide: do you want to look blushing or pasty on your wedding day? Doing your own makeup should be considered as a last resort if you just can’t shell out the money for a professional job. Otherwise, if the cost won’t hurt you’re budget much, the benefits of going for a professional makeover far outweighs a DIY job no matter how you look at it.

If in case you decide to do your makeup on your own

If in case you decide to do your makeup on your own, you still have to practice early on so you’ll be able to fine tune your skills. Your look will depend on a lot of factors (such as the time of your wedding and the venue, you’re bridal dress and accessories, or the light conditions) that a whiff of too much blusher can ruin the intended effect. Visit a local cosmetic store, or get in touch with an agent to view their products. Cosmetic outlets in malls usually offer makeover consultation and services for free if you purchase products from them. You can have your makeup done for free and keep the products for yourself – that should be a perk. Once you head home, take pictures of yourself so that you’ll be able to recreate the look as close as you can, so you’ll have easy reference on hand on your wedding day.

The same factors apply for your hairdo. Remember

The same factors apply for your hairdo. Remember, even though you save money on a DIY job, a professional artist can ensure that your makeup or hairdo lasts all day, even through the reception. You’ll also be able to consult with the professional months ahead of the wedding to ensure that the look will look perfect for you. Compare that with last-minute touchups before you walk down the aisle. Go for DIY only if you are confident that you can pull it off. Gain inspiration from fashion or bridal magazine on the do’s and don’ts of wedding makeup, and make sure that you have all bases covered, including the photo ops. This would ensure that you’ll look less of a raccoon and more of a blossoming bud on your wedding day.