It’s not just a cake

It’s not just a cake. If you have ever attended a wedding reception, you probably took many pictures of the wedding cake

It’s not just a cake. If you have ever attended a wedding reception, you probably took many pictures of the wedding cake. Most of all, you were waiting for the moment that the cake is finally cut by the bride and groom. Finally, you can have some delicious cake with tons of frosting. The wedding cake you choose will be the centerpiece of the reception. So when you choose your cake, make sure it matches the style and theme of your wedding and reception. There are traditional wedding cakes and then some are non traditional. As you read about some of the shapes and patterns of cakes, you will see that this is a more detailed decision than you imagined. Because there is an array of choices, be sure to start looking for a baker at least six months ahead of time.


A traditional wedding cake is usually a white cake with a white icing. To some this may sound pretty boring and to others it may seem the most obvious. Usually it’s less sweet and will satisfy all taste buds. Make sure the cake is large enough for the amount of guests in attendance as well as being moist and tasting great.

Choices of the flavor of cakes and frosting are numerous. Discuss some choices which are your favorite and then try to incorporate what might please your guests. For instance, if you enjoy the taste of vanilla or chocolate, then incorporate both flavors. Nothing states that you have to only choose one cake. The filling should also taste good after sitting for a long period of time. Choose a filling that doesn’t spoil after sitting a while. Suggestions have been made to try a replica of your wedding cake so that you can see if you like the taste and the way it’s baked. The worst thing that could happen is the filling doesn’t hold its flavor after a long period of time and that the cake itself is dry. Find a wedding cake baker and designer that you are comfortable with and that you know will create your dream wedding cake that tastes scrumptious.


Choose a cake that fits the style of your gown and reception decorations. Many times the pattern you choose and the flavor will reflect the personality of the newly married couple. The shape of the cake, decoration on the cake and the texture of it will decide if it matched the entire theme of the day.

An amalgam of styles and shapes may seem overwhelming at first. Popular wedding cakes ideas can be found in wedding cake books, magazines or even online. Usually a picture is provided for your convenience to see the style of each cake. Surely one of the bakers you choose will have a portfolio of previous work done and you will be able to see actual examples of their work.